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Program of Lectures.

Proposed Lecture Themes:

"A Phenomenon of Street Art"
Defining the notions of “street art”, ”street culture" and "graffiti". Typology of graffiti: social, political, art graffiti, etc. Communications. Hip-hop culture. Basic schools, disciplines and genres. Post-graffiti.

"Street Art in the Context of History of Art in General"
Public and monumental art before XXI century. Its functions and means. Place of street art in modern world. Status of street art. Graffiti in galleries and museum collections.

"Production and Usage of Street Art Products"
Contexts for creating street art objects, message coding and decoding. Visual and verbal codes as types of discourse.

"Graffiti and the Society"
Art or vandalism? — concepts of street art in society. Street art stereotyping. Relations between street artists and government institutions.

"Street Art and Identity"
Street art as the means of self-expression. Name and style. Ideology of graffiti or rules of play. General characteristics of graffiti community. Structure and hierarchy of graffiti community. Daily practices. Communication inside the culture. Attitude to oneself, to one’s own activity, to society and authorities. Psychological and social models of authors’ behavior. Street art as a career. Legal vs illegal.

"Media Representations of Street Art"
Forms of representing street art in movie industry, Internet and mass media. Sub cultural and official mass media. Creating images of subculture and its members.

"Graffiti industry — street art serving capitalist system. Street art as a part of show business"
Art or advertising — what's going to win? Using street art means and visual aesthetics in design, advertising, show business and marketing. Symbiosis of street art and advertising: using and appropriating each other’s practices. Graffiti corporations fighting for consumers.

"Methods and approaches in studying street art"
Art, cultural, social and psychological research in the sphere of street art. Basic texts and key figures (R. Lachman, T. Manko, S. Luison, C. Sartwell, etc.)

Discussions to be held:

1. Graffiti and ways to "fight" it.
2. Subculture turning into an industry. More myths about the subculture and counterculture of graffiti and street art.
3. Street art in the Russian Federation and CIS countries vs world street art — constantly losing the game. Is independence possible?
4. Russian and world content. Is graffiti a part of street art or is street art a logical development of graffiti?
5. Ideas and special trends of street art being constantly discredited in Russian and international mass media.
6. Street art turning more and more marginal and criminal. Is it an agony or a result of on-purpose gambling initiated by businessmen?
7. Overcoming the crisis in street art.