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— “Orchestral Manoeuvres”
Vova Vorotniov (www.vovavorotniov.com), Kiev, March 2012.

Researching the graffiti language and the toolset which creates it the artist deals as with symbolic images so with so-called “indexical-art” (art of trace, indexical sign — one of the three types of semiotical signs which doesn’t express neither nature-mimical nor symbolic meaning).

By this installation the author tries to focus attention on the process of such a dynamic phenomenon as spray-art which has a lot in common with the dance, ballet and in some way with the music and which doesn’t limit itself to a visual result. He treats the spray can as a tool which has the most direct influence on the “style” of a work dictated by technical characteristics of this specific “implement”. We can state that in case of minimalistic spray can application the author partly shares his authorship with the tool and even joke that the spray can paints with an artist — not the artist with a spray can. It is the material trace of a spray can which stays visible while the author and his “ritual” vanish into oblivion leaving a “hot spot” behind.

“Orchestral Manoeuvres” is an attempt of phenomenological “screwing up ones eyes” upon things usual for the artist, practice and the stereotyped experience behind.

Text by author.

— The layer was created with Kobra Paint support.