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— "Let Them Speak!"
Andrey Meshkov, Moscow, May, 2011.

Advertisement in the modern world is not only so called “merchandise promoter”. It interferes in all of a person’s activity fields from occupation, creative activity to various types of leisure and entertainment.

This status quo is caused by consumer attitude towards the environment, people and life in whole and also by will to seem instead of being yourself. No wonder! So many decades we can see glamorous “stars” in trendy clothes, glossy magazines sparkle with vivid shots of luxurious interiors and billboards assure that our life will change totally and inevitably on purchasing a new product or using a new service. Very few can resist such informational pressure especially with a wife beside who “simply can’t put on these boots” bought a month ago and with kids constantly pulling sleeves. The advertisement message rules the world due to one simple reason — an answer is not supposed! But we will try to change the situation…

Within his work the author recreates a usual advertisement environment typical for urban area increasing a little the concentration of visual images as if predicting further development of outdoor (printing) advertisement with only one difference — now a spectator has an option to reply!

Text by Igor Ponosov.