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— MDT.
GK, Nootk, Raketo, Ren, Nazo, Lunik, Mesr, Cers, Dag, Oser, Host, Take, Deano, Xtra.
Moscow, September, 2011.

About the authors.

MDT is one of the oldest Russian graffiti crews which had a great influence on local graffiti scene and is well-known in the world. Artistic and organizing activity of the participants can hardly be overevaluated. In different periods they made several videos (Russian roulette 1 and 2: Steel hunters), published narrow-specialized graffiti magazines (Iron Curtain, FAIM), opened graffiti stores and produced a line of spray paint (the first special graffiti paint made in Russia).
The most active members of the crew are GK, Nootk and Raketo. Ren and Nazo joined later, then Lunik (now Bazar), Mesr, Cers, Dag; Oser and Host (from Sevastopol), Take; Deano (from Dallas, TX) lived in Russia till 2010 and Xtra (now lives in Italy).

During the early years the crew did mostly wall writing, but after Ren and Nazo joined they focused on train writing. Every member of the crew created his own recognizable style, approach and graffiti philosophy.

Text by Kirill KTO.

Members’ profiles.

GK — from 1999 to 2009 was a very active all-city bomber, in present — moderate stylewriter.
Ren — specializes in linepieces. By his words — marking all the ways home with colorful pieces — the only thing that helps to feel confident in the neighborhood and in the city in whole.
Ozer, Nazo, Host — active trainbombers going behind modern steelhunters, but still keeping the tempo.
Deano — during his living in Russia proved to be very active. He demonstrated the difference between the Moscow scene of imposing all-city taggers and concrete American action.
Nootk — writer especially differing from other crew members by an artistic approach. His characters and special writing style still give him fame as a member of Mainstreamers project.
Mesr — after his return to Russia after a long business trip to Brasil appeared to be very original due to Latin-American graffiti philosophy high influence on his style. He is also known as a rapper, a member of “Chernaya Economika” (“Black Economics “) — one of few rappers with graffiti background.

About the work.

According to the genre laws the work is created without a sketch and represents cooperative improvised name writing — styles demonstration with emphasis on name (tag) letters design.
This work is the only one within “The Wall Project” demonstrating not the conceptual form of post-graffiti and public art, but classic genres appeared and developing within the subculture. Its aim is to represent the international rituals of graffiti writers such as practice of nickname writing and collective creation of anniversary picture (the crew celebrates its 11th anniversary).
It is remarkable that this anniversary writing is sponsored by Montana corporation, which decided to express its “respect” to the legendary crew members. Such circumstance at the beginning of the graffiti era could be considered abnormal and even paradoxical, being out of tune of the common movement ideology. But with a background of overall situation of turning subcultures into industry it seems normal as the fact that the “kings” of bombing paint within official artistic institutions performed according to the street rules. The fact that they are expressed most vividly providing official institution tolerance is remarkable. Similarly to the situation with “fiberboard graffiti” which is widespread since the appearance of regular legal jams and hip-hop culture fests. The same time we can note a concrete discipline regression.

Text by Kirill KTO.