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— “Untitled”.
Natalia Pastukhova, Yekaterinburg, November 2011.

A young female artist breaks the existing tendency for male works on the Wall.
In their natural environment street artists still operate illegally. Incompliance and conspiracy of their works’ placement add a feeling of danger to this activity, makes it look like vandalism, misbehavior characteristic for “bad boys”. This is based on still existing competitive ability and specific character of graffiti subculture known in urban environment for its hierarchical and aggressive features, which doesn’t allow difference.

Natasha’s case is rather different — her animalistic images, ornaments and geometric patterns don’t cause spectator’s disproval, on the contrary they let spectators change their ideas of the way street art can look like — harmonic and natural — not imposing a code, vivid, sometimes aggressive images, their language on the spectator. This attitude led to often creation large-scale murals neglecting stencils and posters which she used to place spontaneously and chaotically.

At present Natalia makes a lot of book illustrations and interior paintings, but her own “fairy tale”, her own “primeval forest” she places on the city walls inviting every dweller-spectator to submerge in it, to disengage themselves from urbanization with its fuss and own precisely defined function, to find in own perception a place for a fantasy, for a dream or to recall, discover something nearly forgotten, missed from childhood.

Text by Kirill KTO.

— The organizers express gratitude to “Wall Graffiti” festival for contribution to this layer creation.